Music Therapy Exchange

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About Music Therapy Exchange

The Idea
Samantha Hassold - Music Therapy Exchange was born out of the curiosity of my freshman year mind. At that point, I was just beginning my journey with music therapy and I wondered, “Why isn’t there a spot where music therapists can easily share intervention ideas?”. This idea percolated in the back of my head the last four years, but with no idea of how to make it a reality, it remained a distant dream.

Fast forward to this summer and my brother, Jason, decides he wants to put his full time and focus towards learning and sharpening his web development and design skills. The lightbulb instantly goes off, and I propose this project to him. Together we decided the name, created the logo, and began the long process of web development, design, and business organization. After 5 months of lots of work and dedication, we finally launched!
The Goal
Music therapists are known for their creativity, innovation, and collaboration. In order to facilitate this exchange of ideas and the creation of new ones, we have built this platform. Our mission is to provide a space for music therapists, interns, and students to exchange ideas and inspire each other. Use the database to add your own interventions and find new ones. Continue to learn more about music therapy through the resources and approaches pages. Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have.
Where We Are Now
Currently the website is in an initial free period. We would like to keep access to the website and all of its features free, but we definitely need some help financially keeping the website up and running. If you are able, please consider donating to help cover the development and maintenance costs of the website at Donate.

About The Creators

Samantha Hassold

I am currently a music therapy intern. I completed my undergraduate coursework at the University of Miami and will conclude my internship at The Center for Discovery working with students with complex disorders in April 2020. I have completed practicums with children with special needs, hospitalized children, and veterans with PTSD. At the University of Miami, I was trained in Neurologic Music Therapy, and now at my internship, I am exploring the world of improvisational music therapy. My primary instrument is my voice and I hope to continue performing. I am also an avid musical theater fan and enjoy the great outdoors.

Jason Hassold

I have been teaching myself web development and graphic design for the past few months so that I can build websites like this one professionally. This was an exciting project to showcase my skills and learn new ones. If you or anyone you know is interested in a website or design work, I can be contacted at